Video Campaign


Pawara Concepts (Pvt) Ltd was tasked to do a creative awareness campaign for Kasperksy Anti Virus Product by Avian Group (Pvt) Ltd (Distributor of Kasperksy Anti Virus).

The requirement is to build the awareness throughout the social media about the latest update & the launch of Kaspersky Virus Guard – Kaspersky Internet Security Multi Device Protection 2017. The new update covers an extensive protection in Internet Security and moreover it enables the multi device protection, where as from one product users will able to protect all kinds of devices such as Laptop, PCs, Mobile (Android/IOS), Tablets and etc…

Since the targeted crowd is general Sri Lankans we did it mainly in Sinhala Language where we can build the awareness in an efficient way. In developing the scripts we used current political and other situations to draw more attention in hilarious way, which came up as a success.

Key Notes

The campaign was targeted for a period of month and therefore we designed and delivered social media graphic package which includes cover pictures and other posts aligning the theme of the campaign.

  • Designed the Brand Theme for the campaign 

  • Delivered the scripts and production of the videos

  • Designed & Delivered Flyers/ Social media posts according to the brand theme

  • Maintaining and Handling of the Campaign

Media Campaign