Development & Technical

Information Technology (IT) is the single, most rapidly changing and growing industry in the world. Every day, new technology is developed while old technologies are retired/replaced or improved. That’s one reason to ensure that we have skilled, knowledgeable and qualified professionals ahead of the curve and on top of new IT developments with right mixtures.

And we as your service provider it is our job to give you the most reliable technical solution you need. Our superior experiences in analyzing businesses will suggest….

not only the solution you wanted but solutions you need.

We always love to use open source resources/languages in development processes. But according to the client’s need and according to the system reliability, we take any challenge in any platform, from a single PC application to large cloud applications.

We are the experts in developing web portals, virtual platforms mobile applications despite it’s platforms and we constantly help you to increase your effectiveness and productivity through our Pawara smart solutions (such as ERPs, POSs, student/hospital/hotel/HR/stock management systems and etc…