Business & Marketing

In businesses we strongly believe about concepts. If you have concepts, you have the main asset you need, and there isn’t any limit to what you can do with your business. Big money does not make big business, neither experiences but big idea does.

Pawara innovations are not only meant about IT technology. We are specially focused on business technology too. That’s where Pawara Concepts differ from the conservative IT Company.

Our prime and pin-up innovation is synchronized concept of branding and IT technologies specially designed for corporate organizations and social organziation such as NGOs.

Social Drive is one of the innovative package which introduced by Pawara Business & Marketing Section which includes Web application with ultimate advanced features (such as Social Forum/Community, Content sharing features etc..), Mobile applications, coverage of total social media platforms, exclusive branding kit and also with real time maintenance supports.

Business Web another innovative package introduced by Pawara Concepts. The theme of business web is to generate business through your web site. The era of holding company information is gone now. We will help your website to generate new and returning visitors and then you should be able to track visitors of your website. And track them further. Later you will able to talk them personally. “Literary talk to your customer personally through the website”. That’s why we say…

Modern marketing is about conversations not about broadcast.

Pawara Concepts guarantees that your web site generates more clients and more business to your company.